Reanimate Extinct Species?

Topics: Biodiversity, Extinction, Hunting Pages: 2 (593 words) Published: November 5, 2013
The controversial issue that Please Reanimate and Do Not Reanimate address is that we can revive species that could possibly help our ecosystems and save modern day species of animals from going extinct; but on the other hand, reviving “extinct species poses a risk of selling the public on a false promise that technology alone can solve our ongoing environmental woes.” Reviving certain species could give ecosystems that depend on “keystone species” that have lost the species diversity they once had because some species no longer fit. And as environmental change occurs, ancient diversity may be needed again. The ability to reanimate extinct species would be perfect for this situation. But with the public rationalizing that researchers can bring back an extinct species with the snap of their fingers would cause hunters, poachers, etc., to kill even more amounts of the animals being killed today for their prizes. We should be concerned about this controversy because this issue can start intense debates over what to do, is it worth the risk?, is it good enough?, is it our obligation to reanimate the species we wiped out?, is this playing God?, what could happen? In the article Please Reanimate, the author presents a couple key points on why reviving an extinct species could be beneficial. Particularly, the author proposes that “returning the mammoth to the tundras could stave off some effects of global warming.” For example, by “puncturing through insulating snow the mammoth allows freezing air to penetrate the soil.” Please Reanimate talks about how the goal of reanimation is not to make perfect living copies of extinct organisms, but to adapt existing ecosystems to radical modern environmental changes, such as global warming, and possibly reverse those changes. Do Not Reanimate’s author displays a very good point on why reanimating a species can be very detrimental. The author states, “A program to restore extinct species poses a risk of selling the...
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