Ralph Lauren Branding

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Branding Ralph Lauren Case Study

G.I.V.E. Get Involved. Volunteer. Exceed. (Ralph Lauren)




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Section 1 (Question 1: What elements comprised the equity in the Ralph Lauren brand?) 1.1 Identity of Ralph Lauren brand: (Brand Salience) 1.2. Meaning: (Brand Performance & Brand imagery) 1.3. Response: (Consumer Judgements & Consumer Feeling) 1.4. Relationships: (Consumer - Brand Resonance) Section 2 Page: 4 Page: 5 Page: 6 Page: 7 Page: 8

(Question 2: Evaluate the role of brand association in the company’s success.) Section 3 Page: 9

(Question 3: Elaborate whether you agree with the Ralph Lauren’s brand extension decision to Rugby)

Section 4

Page: 10

(Question 4: What recommendations would you give the company regarding stewardship of their brand in the future?)

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Ralph Lauren Corporation company (NYSE: RL) is a leader in the design, marketing and distribution of premium lifestyle products in different categories. For more than 40 years, Polo's reputation and distinctive image have been consistently developed across an expanding number of products, brands and international markets. The first section of the case study will describe the CBBE (Customer-Based-Brand-Equity) model for Ralph Lauren brands. Second section will evaluate the role of brand association in the company’s success. The third section determinate Ralph Laurens brand extension decision to Rugby and the last section will be recommendations for the companies regarding stewardship of their brand in the future.


Section 1

1.1. Identity of Ralph Lauren brand

Brand Salience The Ralph Lauren brand has been mainly victorious in defining a exact niche group of customer’s, offering a brand knowledge that is casual yet classic. It has urbanized a whole brand experience encompassing creation, display, retail, customer service and advertising resources. Ralph Lauren has been winning in extending from luxury garments to selling jeans, bed linen and even labelled paint. The brands are updated and transmitted across cultures; Ralph Laurens marketing with logos is present around the world. The varied products include one of the world’s most widely recognized families of consumer brands. For example the Polo brand draws on themes that have been explained as “country house clout, cottages and castles and Brideshead Revisited” (Ellwood, 2002). These all advise a shape of product character that is backward-looking and nostalgic. They also propose a form of upperclass lifestyle future to e aspirational. A digit of brand names and logos of Ralph Lauren Corp. advises a leisure activity of the upper classes, yet it ahs been presented as available to a wider audience. It is seem as more approachable than the typical Savile tailor yet purports to offer similar brand values. One of the strengths of the organisation is that the different symbols and logos are all easy to recognize and to recall also it is easy for the customers to match the different sings to the right labels. Thought their brand equity with its brand extension / brand stretching advertising strategy, they amplified awareness and profitability form offering more than just one product category (Ralph Lauren – main webpage, 2010).


1.2. Meaning

Brand Performance The Primary characteristics of Ralph Lauren brands are reflecting high quality products in all categories to the customers. The organisation is offering products for different age, gender and social groups. Ralph Lauren’s brand images are reflecting an upper-class society. Every customer can identify it self with the specific brand. Every make is built on individual design and style, and it is appealing to the right target market. The organisation is well organised with success in different ways of service also they offering warranty (up to 10 years) for the products. The Organisation is global organised. Ralph...
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