Product Strategy of Crocs

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Chapter 2: Analysis of marketing strategy (4 P’s)
2.1 Product Strategy
2.1.1 Product Classification
Crocs Grace Heel is classified as consumer product. It bought by final consumers for personal consumption. Crocs Grace Heel is categorized as shopping product on consumer product. This product will be bought by consumers rarely, which consumers buy it for personal consumption as needed. Consumers are willing to buy it less frequently at a higher price. Grace Heel is only available at fewer purchase locations, which are Crocs-Official Store and some hypermarkets around the world. Crocs-Official Store is also a comparison shop, which consumers will compare the prices of the products between different brands before they buy the products. 2.1.2 Product and Service Division

(I) Product and Service Attributes
(a) Product quality
Crocs Grace Heel is a product that specially designed for female. Female loves heel but wants comfort at the same time, thus it Heel could fulfill female’s wants. It known as comfortable women's work shoes, which suitable for female that work on hospitality and airline fields. (b) Product features

Crocs Grace Heel is made by Croslite material, which allowed it to perform on both land and in water, characteristics new to the footwear industry. It is midsole for signature lightweight comfort so it is very light. It is leather upper and shoes with 1¼-inch heel. (c) Product style and design

Crocs Grace Heel is only available in black, which a standardized colour. It attracts customers with its appearances and uniqueness, which is good-looking and comfortable but lightweight. Crocs Grace Heel

Crocs Grace Heel

(II) Branding
The brand Crocs stands for innovation, fun and comfort for people who want shoes that conform to their personalities and lifestyles, as well as to their feet The company was given the name Crocs after the multi-environment, amphibious nature of Crocodiles. It is a shoe manufacturer founded on 2002 by three...
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