Price on Goods and Services Provided by the Ecosystems.

Topics: Ecosystem, Biodiversity, Ecology Pages: 6 (2115 words) Published: October 24, 2010
Should a price be put on the goods and services provided by the world's ecosystems?

Every day there are parts of land that are being sold so builders can make buildings. Like new home construction, parking lots, malls, and even restaurants. But do people ever think of what we are taking away by building over certain parts of the land. What if certain species lived there and we took their habitat away. Or what about the swamps and the forest? A lot of things come with those places, and we use them for everyday life, plants and trees. Doesn’t it bother you that we can pay a certain amount of money to hire people to build these places and get the materials but in the end how come we aren’t paying to keep these species alive? Honestly we all can say that we never really thought of it that way or never thought they were harming anything. But it’s something that needs to be discussed. So would you pay more money to keep the species around, and to save certain plants that can be used in the future for more information? Or would you ignore it and not pay anything, knowing your killing species that may be rare, or plants that would be hard to grow anywhere else. Would you pay or not pay, to get the services you want?

We humans live off of what the ecosystems delivers to us. In which we could call a fundamental life support of services. We receive timber, fuel-wood, some animals and pharmaceutical products from a natural ecosystem. It’s sad to think if we keep harming and ruining our ecosystem that we won’t have the medicine that we have today. Because it comes from nature and that’s where we keep finding more ways being healthy and keeping us up to date on new medicines for certain sickness. In all the ecosystem supplies products for us humans so we can sustain a healthy living environment. The smallest activities us humans do can change a small portion of the ecosystem and the global economy. Just like one thing we see every day is recycling, it’s a huge impact on the earth and if we didn’t recycle then we would not survive very long.

Let’s start out saying yes, and what happens if we would say yes and put a price on our ecosystem. We have to think of the value of everything the ecosystems brings to us. Just because some scientists don’t have the data, it can be found. Ecological science has a lot to offer , so the ecosystems is providing with a lot more than you think, so some scientist believe it’s only natural to put this price on the goods and services it gives us humans, since we use it like no one cares. Some scientist have it already calculated to how much it could cost for certain parts of the ecosystem, they collect all the data and I guess experiment what would happen if we didn’t have that anymore. Or if it disappears.

There are many good reasons we should at least attempt to place some kind of value on our ecosystem, and the functions that come with it. Loss of habitats and species and the depletion of natural resources are very widespread, so that should be a concern. Even though it doesn’t explain conservation very well, it’s still good reason we should at least try. Conservation appears not to pay when compared with the economic returns that society gets from converting natural assets into commercial ones. One problem is we don’t push that fact to address the causes of environmental degradation, and if more people understood then maybe we could get further with this. As a result of not caring, hotels and mass tourism replace pristine coastlines; tropical forests are burned to create new pasture and croplands; roads are run through landscapes of high ecological value, and so on. In each instance, people believe they would be better off by giving up a natural asset. But that belief is an illusion that stems from the fact that the services provided by ecological systems are not usually traded in markets and really have no readily perceived value. Because we do not buy and sell clean air, tranquility,...
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