Population and Invieroment

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Ecological Concepts, Principles and Applications to Conservation 2008

Ecological Concepts, Principles and Applications to Conservation 2008

Library and Archives Canada Cataloguing in Publication Data Main entry under title: Ecological concepts, principles and applications to conservation Editor: T. Vold. Cf. P. ISBN 978-0-7726-6007-7 1. Biodiversity conservation. 2. Biodiversity. 3. Ecosystem management. I. Vold, Terje, 1949– . II. Biodiversity BC. QH75.E26 2008 333.95 C2008-960113-0

Suggested citation: Vold, T. and D.A. Buffett (eds.). 2008. Ecological Concepts, Principles and Applications to Conservation, BC. 36 pp. Available at: www.biodiversitybc.org Cover photos: Jared Hobbs (western racer); Arifin Graham (footprints in sand). Banner photos: Bruce Harrison (p. 1); iStock (p. 7, 19). Design and Production: Alaris Design

Tale o Contents
About This Document Acknowledgements 1. What is Biodiversity? 2. Ecological Concepts and Principles 3. Application of Ecological Concepts and Principles Glossary List of Figures fgu . Examples of Biodiversity Components and Attributes fgu 2. The Contribution of Biodiversity to Human Well-Being fgu 3. Overview of Concepts, Principles and Applications 2 3 5

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The document was prepared by Biodiversity BC under the direction of its Technical Subcommittee, whose members reviewed and provided comment on various drafts. Members of the Technical Subcommittee include: • MattAustin,B.C.MinistryofEnvironment, • DanBuffett,DucksUnlimitedCanada, • DaveNicolson,NatureConservancyofCanada, • GeoffScudder,TheNatureTrustofBritishColumbia, • Victoria(Tory)Stevens,B.C.MinistryofEnvironment. The Biodiversity BC secretariat supports the work of the Steering Committee and the Technical Subcommittee and provides ongoing strategic advice. The secretariat consists of Stuart Gale, executive director, and Janet Fontaine, coordinator. This document was prepared under contract by Terje Vold with project direction and contributions by Dan Buffett on behalf of Biodiversity BC. Three experts kindly agreed to be interviewed as part of this project and provided valuable reference material and ideas that have been incorporated into the document: • FredBunnell,UniversityofBritishColumbia,FacultyofForestry; • KenLertzman,SimonFraserUniversity,SchoolofResourceandEnvironmentalManagement;and • JohnReynolds,SimonFraserUniversity,DepartmentofBiologicalSciences. JohnReynolds,KenLertzman,KaarenLewis,DougBiffard,AndrewHarcombe,KristyCiruna,DiannaColnett, MichaelDunn,LizWilliamsandBruceHarrisonreviewedandcommentedonaninitialdraft;C.S.Hollingand Gordon H. Orians kindly reviewed and provided feedback on a subsequent draft; and a final draft received the benefitoffurtherreviewandcommentbyFredBunnell,CarmenCadrinandJohnRichardson.DavidGreeredited the report and Arifin Graham designed it.


Aot tis docent
The purpose of this document is to provide a primer on the concepts and principles that support cooperative actions to conserve B.C.’s rich biodiversity. As a companion piece to Taking Nature’s Pulse: The Status of Biodiversity in British Columbia, this document is intended to stimulate public discussion about how best to identify and implement priority actions for biodiversity conservation in this province. ThisdocumentwaspreparedbyBiodiversityBC,apartnershipofgovernmentandnon-governmentorganizations with a mandate to produce a biodiversity strategy for British Columbia. Biodiversity BC Partner groups: •B.C.MinistryofAgricultureandLands, •B.C.MinistryofEnvironment, •CanadianParksandWildernessSociety(representingenvironmentalnon-governmentorganizations), •DucksUnlimitedCanada, •EnvironmentCanada, •HabitatConservationTrustFoundation, •MetroVancouver(representing...
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