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Topics: Extinction, Biodiversity, Species Pages: 4 (1103 words) Published: November 11, 2014
Persuasive Speech Preparation Outline
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Persuasive Speech Outline :

Topic area:
Animal Rights
Animals should be kept in zoos
General purpose:
To convince
Specific purpose:
To convince my audience that those animals should not be kept in zoos Central idea:
The reason animals should not be kept in zoo are because it might lead to their survival, poor conservation and the problem in the ecosystem. Organizational pattern:
Problem- no solution
A. Open with impact/Attention getter:
Locked up inside, scared, full of worries with a camera flash all over you, with your surrounding is a captive. But you cannot do anything. You just keep watching the human surrounding you through the captive. I bet this is how the animals feel inside the zoo. What will you feel if you are being kept captive? Are you feeling happy? So, today, I am going to convince you that animals should not be kept in zoo. i. Tie to the audience/reason to listen

It is important to know about the reason of why animals should not be kept in zoos even though the objective of the zoo is to protect animals from extinct. However, there is still a problem which might lead to the animal rights if these animals are continuously kept in the zoos.  ii. Credibility statement/material:

I have seen many people believe that safari parks could be better than traditional zoo. However, for your information Woburn Safari Park in UK was kept its lion in small enclosures for 18 hours a day. What a long hours for animals to be kept in enclosure. iii. Preview of main points/central idea

There are several reasons why the animals should not be kept in zoos which are animals’ survival, poor conservation rate among the animals and the problem in ecosystem. Transition to body of speech:

Now, I will move on to my first point.
1. A. Main point 1:
The animals will have a problem with their survival.
1. i. Supporting details 1
Animals in zoos are kept in the small and...
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