Perspectives about Environment Sustainability

Topics: Natural environment, Biodiversity, John Marsden Pages: 2 (667 words) Published: July 24, 2014
How does the extract from text different perspectives about environment sustainability?

The Rabbits is an allegorical picture book that explore different perspectives about environmental sustainability through different techniques. Colours and synergy that have been used in this picture book are a few techniques to represent the perspectives and to have a emotional connect with the characters.

Shaun tan and John Marsden, traverse the perspectives in the allegorical picture book The Rabbits about environmental sustainability which can be impacted by our diverge determination and inclination towards the environment using many different techniques. In opening 3 the perspectives of the characters are conveyed through dull colours and synergy which have been accomplished and throughly utilised and primarily applied in dull brown and blacks. The colour reflects on the varying perspectives of the numbats which convey to the audience that the world is no longer natural with it lush greenery but artificial with its brown and blacks making it an artificial one. The rabbits have invaded the numbats land which is being put to use, to meet their needs, for their settlement. The audiences eyes are drawn to the tiny background image which is the painted area, made up of mixtures of vibrant blues, pinks, yellows which tell the responder that this is what the rabbit want to achieve through the destruction of the natural land. The perspective of the numbats on this idea is shown differently through the blacks and browns which allows the audience to see the emotions and feelings of the numbats towards the land and how they used to take care of it and take little as possible from it and save the rest for later. Therefore, opening 3 causes the viewers eyes to connect with the numbats who are presented in a manner of the victims and whose land has been and will be continued to be destroyed by the rabbits.

The Rabbits reconnoitre the perspectives about environmental...
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