Perception Towards Successful Brands Among Hku Space Community College Students.

Topics: Brand, Brand management, Brands Pages: 3 (715 words) Published: March 3, 2013
HKU SPACE Community College
Associate Degree Programme
First Semester 2012-2013

English for Academic and Professional Purposes (Part II)

Assignment 1: Annotated Bibliography

“Perception towards successful brands among HKU SPACE Community College Students.”

To: Mr. Bowers

From: Leung Tsz Wing, Coey (
Tse Mei Ling, Melanie (10488624)

Class: 04

Submission Date: 9th November, 2012

Rev. of “Building Brands Without Mass Media.” Joachimsthaler, Erich, and David A. Aaker. Harvard Business Review 3 March 2009: 4-6. Print. In this article, the authors emphasize that a company must have a clear brand identity with depth and texture so it will not convey confuse messages to customers. Also, they provide some marketing strategies for the brands to set up a clear and effective brand identity. Besides, they illustrate six companies that have a strong and clear brand identity in which The Body Shop and Haggen-Dazs are examined in detail. Apart from these, they use various examples to demonstrate the operations of The Body Shop and Haggen-Dazs. Last but not least, they have compared The Body Shop and Haggen-Dazs with their competitors. Lastly, they discuss the advertising methods of Haggen-Dazs in which they think the Farggi strategy that can confuse the customers the most. (Melanie)

Hartman, Cathy L., and Caryn L. Beck-Dudley. “Marketing Strategies and the Search for Virtue: A Case Analysis of The Body Shop, International.” Journal of Business Ethics 20.3 (1999): 253-257. Print. In this journal, the authors use some historical examples to discuss three organizational virtues—excellence, integrity and judgment in which they think that the virtues are now defined and extended to community, membership and holism. Most importantly, they believe that the virtues are now widely applied in the companies. However, they agree with the researchers that it is difficult to theorize the concept of...

Bibliography: From: Leung Tsz Wing, Coey (
Tse Mei Ling, Melanie (10488624)
Class: 04
Submission Date: 9th November, 2012
Adubato, Steve. You Are the Brand. Canada: Rutgers University Press, 2011. Print.
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