Osim: Building a Global Brand

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Individual Assignment 3 - OSIM: Building a Global Brand
1)What is the meaning of the brand identity of OSIM?
Brand identity of OSIM refers to how OSIM wants its consumers and potential consumers to view OSIM and its products. OSIM wants to improve the quality of life of its customers through the use of OSIM's products and view OSIM as a leading global brand. What are the different aspects of this identity?

OSIM's brand identity, includes its name, trademark, communications, and visual appearance. This is further reinforced by the brand equity, i.e. the added value beyond the functional benefits of the product, which is  associated with the OSIM brand name also contributes the brand identity of OSIM. The table below shows the different aspects of this brand identity and what OSIM has accomplished in each aspect. Aspect of Brand Identity| OSIM's Efforts in each Aspect|

Name| Replaced name from Health Check and Care brand to OSIM. Pleasant sounding and easier to recall and pronounce with less legal and regulatory restrictions.| Trademark| 'OSIM-Inspiring Life' is a simple trademark that encapsulates what OSIM's products and services seeks to achieve (i.e. Inspiring an improved quality of life). | Communications| Taglines used in advertising campaigns "Health is and attitude in life" and "Good health begins with care" to promote the idea that a healthy lifestyle and a positive mindset is the key to improving quality of life.| Visual Appearance| The case study describe a logo for OSIM in April 2000. However, during recent years, OSIM has replaced that logo. With reference to the picture above, the OSIM logo featuring the 3 arcs is the old (2000) logo while the other logo is the new one (2010)The new logo, still retains the colour scheme. Blue represents the Sky, Green represents the Land, Orange represents Light and Spirit.| Brand Equity| The intangible value built upon longstanding trust between OSIM and the consumers along with the promise of quality product.|

2)What are OSIM's branding strategies?
OSIM's product line has more than 100 products including massage chairs to health supplements. To facilitate OSIM's marketing and branding process, OSIM has categorized its product lines under 4 Business Units (Health Focus, Hygiene Focus, Nutrition Focus and Fitness Focus). In OSIM's efforts to enable consumers to identify and distinguish their products from those of their competitors, OSIM adopted one branding strategy. OSIM undertook the multiproduct or umbrella branding strategy for 3 of this Business Unit; Health, Hygiene and Fitness Focus. OSIM uses one brand name for all its products within these Business Units. All products in OSIM's Health, Hygiene and Fitness Focus carries the brand name "OSIM" before the name of the product and the uses of the letter "u" before the name of each product to distinguish the OSIM brand. The table below shows some examples of different products found within these 3 Business Units. Health Focus| Hygiene Focus| Fitness Focus|

Massage Chairs (OSIM uDivine)Massage Chairs (OSIM uSoffa)Leg Massagers (OSIM uSqueeze)Upper Body Massagers (OSIM uPapa & uMama)Air Purifiers (OSIM uVenus)| Blood Pressure Monitor (OSIM uCheck 200)| Slim Belts (OSIM uKimono)Pulse Massagers (OSIM uGoGo)|

OSIM's Nutrition Focus store was launched in 2002 at Compass Point, Sengkang, Singapore. OSIM was unwilling to practice private branding or reseller branding strategy. Instead of "simply slapping its labels on bottles of imported pills, OSIM will have its own pharmacists and nutritionists work closely with its manufacturers in the United States to improve on current offerings as well as develop new products from scratch." However, OSIM no longer has a supplement /nutrition product line and the abovementioned store in Compass Point was converted to a mainstream OSIM store. It is interesting to note that OSIM bought over Global Active Limited though it does not carry any OSIM...
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