Nivea Case Summary

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Submitted By: Bikash Thapa 2011
From The Case presented I have tried to summarize the findings as follows: Customer-Based Brand Equity Pyramid for the Nivea brand is given below: Element Salience Description Prominence in category Nivea Depth: Well-known in Europe and South America; Less well-known in United States Breadth: Nivea carries wide range of products for wide range of usage occasions Cold cream: Moisturizing; Non-greasy Anti-wrinkle cream: Q-10 additive Sun products: SPF factors Family-oriented values Pure; Traditional values European values; Both sexes Long history Natural; credible “Accessible science” Wholesome, family-friendly “We” brand Bare Escentuals has loyal following

Performance Imagery

Tangible features Personality, Values

Judgments Feelings Resonance

Quality, Credibility Excitement, Fun Loyalty, Community

The following Brand Associations techniques were used to build the Nivea cosmetics brand. Brand Association Country Branding Channel Branding Co-Branding Brand Alliances Ingredient Branding Licensing Celebrity Endorsement Third-Party Evaluations “Made with Evian water” “Tissue wipes with Nivea” Brand associations: Family, Youth, Tradition Gap Gisele Bundchen; Jennifer Garner; Gwyneth Paltrow Michelle Yu, Lucy Liu American Pediatrician Association Board of Dermatology Nivea European origin; Helpful or Harmful? Nordstrom; Neiman Marcus: At cosmetics counter; Hotels: Ritz vs. Walgreens; Baby Gap; Benetton

The Marketing Strategy of Nivea can be summarized as follows: 1. The target segment of Nivea was primarily women from the upper strata of society. 2. Mass-marketing 3. Take the help of advertising for the brand recognition. 4. Expanding the brand globally

Submitted By: Bikash Thapa 2011
The main reason to extend the brand to different product categories.

Beiersdorf wanted to go globally with Nivea brand, so they extended their product categories. Geographical condition of various countries also motivated Beiersdrof...
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