Nissan Swot

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As we known Nissan is a Japanese brand name, which is famous of their high quality in electronic and enduring products. In SWOT analysis we can see how Nissan business goes and how they look in customer view. Strength:

Strong Research and Development: Nissan is also known for its engineering, development directed towards performance improvement, safety, customer satisfaction, and development of new and innovation products. The company allocates significant resources to its Research and Develop operating in 65 engineering and Research & Development centers around the world. Nissan is one of the most popular automobile brand names, which having a high global reach and they have over 1.5 million employees globally in the world. Nissan is like a pioneer in the electric car segment having its global presence and in electronic car Nissan has proved to customer and other automobile that it’s really challenge to compare to their brand name base on their quality and technology they have. As globalization Nissan has manufacturing locations in Japan, India, Brazil, Spain, Thailand, USA, Malaysia and others countries. Therefore, Nissan production output capacity can manufacture around 4 million units. Nissan’ brand was the fastest growing automotive brand name in 2012; Nissan’s brand was the fastest growing automotive brand in 2012, according to Interbrand. Its value rose by 30% to nearly $5 billion and became the 73rd most valuable brand in the world. However, Nissan claim this reward from Interband is from their top car seller: Teana, Leaf, Altima, Versa all of these models targeted to young generation and economic family. From this target and price they have given with their quality they have attract more customer to use their brand name.

Declining reputation due to product recall: Nissan recalled a number of cars recently due to safety problem in November 2010. It recalled 604,500 vehicles due to faulty steering shaft and battery defects. More...
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