Nissan Case Study

Topics: Brand, Brand management, Branding Pages: 3 (1110 words) Published: August 21, 2013
SITUATION ANALYSIS This is a case about the success story of the renewal of Nissan’s brand and revival of the company from the “near death situation”. The background through which the company has reached this stature is explained in brief as follows: The company was founded – Mass production of cars began First compact import car was produced for the American Market This was the period the company launched 240Z and Dastun 510 sedan. For this decade the cars that were launched used the brand name of Dastun and received great performance in the market and accolades from the industry overall. 1975–1980s The brand name was shifted from Dastun to Nissan and it continued to enhance its reputation based on “innovation in engineering”. By 1989, Nissan produced one million cars in North America and began worldwide branding under Nissan brand. This growth was supported by customer’s want for fuel efficient and reliable cars. It was during this growth period that Toyota and Honda that started placing their footing strong in the market and these two brands came to be recognised by customers more than Nissan. The company began to slip in its focus on innovation and became blinded by 1990’s what the competitors were doing. It kept running in a wild goose chase to catch up with competitors and lost its own identity. Nissan signed a global alliance agreement with Renault and Carlos Ghosn 1999 with the alliance came as the visionary to bring about the famous turnover in the company. The changes Carlos Ghosn brought about in the present problematic environment were: 1933 - 1937 1959 1960sEarly1970s Problems Unclear profit orientation Changes brought forward by Ghosn He brought financial discipline and couples goals and targets with financial definitions and not just in sales figures. He streamlined the operations to maximize efficiency of entire system. Weak Brand Identity resulting He initiated a new brand strategy through Perry, Tackes and Nakagawa that was intended to take the...
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