Nestle Branding Strategies

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 Nestle Branding Strategies

Mia Gregory


August 15, 2013

Michelle Knight

The company I chose is Nestle. Nestle makes products such as juice boxes, condensed milk, baby formula, pet food, and candy. Nestle gets its’ name from the founder, Henri Nestle’. Nestles’ strives to be an important name in the world of nutrition. One of their key phrases is, Good Food, Good Life. I believe that Nestle chooses to brand each of their products individually. They have many brands. Nestle sells multiple products, that have different brand names, yet are from the same company. Manufacturer brands are brands that the manufacturer owns. The text states that some companies or brands communicate more effectively what the customer can expect from their products. Nestle also has many brand extensions. Nestle shows evidence of ingredient branding. Upon researching nestle products, I was amazed to see the variety of food products and food services they offer. I also think that nestle is a manufacturer brand as well. I do not think that they use licensing or generic branding. If I am not mistaking, nestle also cobrands. I think that this is evident in some ice creams. I think that Nestle is a unique company because of the way it started. In 1867, Henri Nestle first produced his formula, Farine lactee’, which was a mixture of sugar, wheat flour, and cow’s milk, and gave it to a child, which in turn, saved the child’s life. In fact, Nestles’ first logo was a nest with baby birds in it and the mother bird feeding the baby birds. Overall, I think Nestle has chosen the right branding strategies. I have seen evidence of manufacturer branding, ingredient branding and cobranding. They have definitely made their mark in the food industry.


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