Nazi Persuasion

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Nazi Persuasion
Throughout WWII Hitler and the Nazi party gained followers extremely quickly. The Nazis knew how to persuade the public and they targeted specific groups of people with different types of propaganda. The Nazis used techniques such as movies, posters, and speeches to convince the public that the Nazi party was the way to go.

One of the main targets of Nazi propaganda was the youth of Germany. Hitler and the Nazi party wanted to gain the support of the public at a young age. They began by showing the youth of Germany a movie called Quex. This movie appeals to the youth because of its storyline. Quex is about a young boy in Germany named Heini. He is recruited by a leader of a communist party named Stoppel. On a trip, Heini discovers a group of Nazi boys and girls who are extremely well behaved. He also sees how they go swimming and how much fun they are having. Heini is intrigued by the activity and desired to be a part of the Nazi group. The Nazis are portrayed as the superiors and very well behaved and under control, whereas the Communists are perceived to be the bad guys and rebellious (Hitlerjunge Quex). Even the song that the Nazis sing in the movie would be appealing to the youth. It explains that “Germany will stand in glory even if we have to perish” and “the flag shall lead us to eternity.” At the end of the film, the communists end up killing Heini which portrays them as being even worse. The point was for the Nazi youth to see this and detest the Communists ever more. This movie was very persuasive to the adolescents and youth of Germany because they could relate to the main character. He is a young boy who just wants to do what is perceived to be the right thing, even though he is told to do the opposite (Hitlerjunge Quex). This movie and others contributed to the increase in followers of the Nazi party.

Another major technique of propaganda utilized by the Nazi supporters was the creation of influential...

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