Natural Resources

Topics: Resource, Natural resource, Ecology Pages: 4 (661 words) Published: May 6, 2011
Although I am late in asking for it but I request all seniors to please assess my essay outline and give me your valuable comments. I hope you would spare couple of minutes from THE busy hour :-)

Topic:Pakistan is rich in natural resources but very poor in their management.


2.Overview of natural resources and mismanagement
3.Current scenario in Pakistan
4.Natural resources of Pakistan
Natural gas
Precious and ornamental stones
5.Related problems due to mismanagement and its:
Social effects
Economic effects
Political effects
Transportation industry problems
Industrial sector loss
Effects on foreign relations of pakistan
6.Natural resources mismanagement at:
- Departmental level mismanagement
Minerals extraction departments
- Higher level mismanagement
Lack of legislation
Power politics
Problem of regionalism
Political influences
- Individual level

7.Suggestions for improvement
Legislation for natural resource utilization
Separate departments for policy making
Media role in creating awareness
Fixing problem of regionalism
Privatization of departments
Special accountability bureaus to be installed for natural resources 8.Analysis

Further my introduction paragraph starts like this:

"Life without conservation of natural resources would be like a deaf listening to music or a blind enjoying dance exhibition. Life of a modern man is directly or indirectly geared by natural resources in its various manifestations whether at consumer level, industry or means of transportation are concerned, no one can deny the fact that natural resources in its different manifestation are the ultimate driving force. Consumer using it to keep the pot boiling, industry needs it to maintain its production line while transport industry is using it to connect one end with other....
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