My favourite TV Programmes

Topics: Hunting, Endangered species, Biodiversity Pages: 2 (277 words) Published: June 7, 2014
My favourite TV Programmes
Mum and Dad like me to watch educational TV programmes. I think that some of the programmes they like are boring, but we all like wildlife programmes. I have watched a lot of programmes about species that are in danger of dying out. We should all know the facts about this problem.Then perhaps something can be done to prevent some species from becoming extinct. Some of the endangered animals are dying out because they are being hunted. They are not being hunted to provide food for people. They are being hunted because the hunters want to make a lot of money. One programme I saw was about hunter `skilling elephants for their tusks. Their tusks are made of ivory and hunterd can sell this for a lot of money. People are trying to stop this kind of hunting but this is difficult. Some animals are in danger because there have been changes to their habitats. Sometimes these changes are because of changes to the climate. Sometimes they are because the environment is becoming polluted. I think it is a good thing that there are so many wildlife programmes on television. It is important that wwe appreciate wildlife and try to save as much of it as possible.

About you ? how to write?
Use the following points as a guide
What sort of TV programmes do your parents want you to watch? What do you think of their choice of programes?
What sort of programmes do you both agree are good?
Why do like those programmes? Give reasons?
What can you learn from the programmes.
Would you recommend the programmes to your friends?
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