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According to the interview, Mistine missed to achieve the expansion on the middle to high income because of its perception of untrustable product due to its cheap price and lack of outstanding quality product. Moreover, its low brand image on the main customers, for example; the vocational girls, may lead the product become an unwanted brand for middle to high-income customers. Also, this focus group customer does like the imported brand. They don’t want to use a local Thai brand. These reasons can answer why Mistine can’t be succeeding on expanding to the new segment under its own current brand.

To achieve on new segment expanding, Mistine should launch out a new brand instead of doing the brand extension or brand stretching. By the term of launching a new brand, it should have new product with higher quality and also including scientific prove to ensure the customer who has higher educated and don’t set the price too low to prevent their look-cheap product perception. Moreover, they had a bad attitude to all direct sale brands, so new brand should sell in the luxury department store E.g. Emporium, Gaysorn Plaza and Paragon. Nevertheless, online channel is another great alternatives to penetrate this focus group because they spend a lot of time surfing on the internet, for example; Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. For the advertising, to persuade them to use this new brand, Mistine shouldn’t do it too obvious because this group doesn’t like annoying and too commercial advertising, for example; Mistine should give the sample product to make-up artist or internet-idol, for them to make a review about how good the product is and spread it out on the YouTube or Pantip board. In brief, this group of customer believes in close friend , family and most importantly they trust on their make-up guru more than commercial advertising. Furthermore, If the product or the product’s component imported from trustful source such as Japan, United states, United kingdom will...
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