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Harley Davidson –

Target Audience
* Higher Income Individual
* 25-45 years age Men
* Adventurous, Experimental, Rugged, Masculine are a few personality characteristics

Segment Profile

Age – 25-45 years
Sex - Male
Education level – Generally Graduate/Post Graduate
Lifestyle – Adventurous, High Spend on Luxury goods, Rugged, Experimental Buying pattern – High Spenders, Brand Loyalist, Influence their peer group

Brand Positioning

Harley Davidson positions itself as a cult brand with a very high aspiration level. It takes aspiration to the highest scale of achievement among its target audience.

Brand Association

* Status Symbol
* A heavy machine (Chopper)
* Customization as per the consumer’s requirement
* Powerful

Brand Awareness

* Harley Davidson has always understood the power of storytelling. Their ads are like mini stories, pulling you in and leaving you yearning for more.

* Hog Community Group plays an important role in building awareness among its target audience

* The Harley Accessories also add to its branding.

Brand Loyalty

HD enjoys a very high level of loyalty among its consumers. It is said that once a Harley always a Harley, the statement defines Harley Davidsons high brand loyalty.

Brand Identity

Harley Davidson is not only a name, but a legend. It evokes images of long highways through classic American landscape, the roar of an engine sounding like a thunder clap and the polish of chrome doing its best to imitate lightning.

d) Harley-Davidson is a great example of a company that has built strong brand equity and is able to charge more for their motorcycles. Harley-Davidson argues that they sell an experience and the bike just happens to be a fundamental part of that experience. When you buy a Harley-Davidson it’s not just the bike you’re buying, your buying into a lifestyle. It is very well depicted by their net profits, which almost grew three times in...
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