McCain Foods

Topics: French fries, Trademark, Brand Pages: 2 (733 words) Published: November 11, 2013
GMS 200; Introduction to Global Management - Mini Assignment

Mc Cain Foods Limited: Global Fries - Good in Any Language!
Name: Adnan Mujeeb Farooqui

____________________________________________________________________________ Answer1. Entering new markets is an excellent way to expand ones business. Targeting new markets is risky, but if a brand successfully enters a new market, there are profits tremendous. McCain is already one of the most famous brands for fries in the world for Canada and it embraces multicultural experiences and traditions. Entering China might be a challenge for it as lesser people consume food from KFC and McDonalds, which was one strategy McCain would use to capture a new market. I would recommend McCain foods to start reaching out to the brands using potatoes in their recepies and are famous amongst Chinese people first, rather than directly entering the market with their own brand name. People usually feel uncomfortable and trying new products while they are already comfortable with products they have been using for a while, hence those products have to be used to get the taste and quality of McCain into people and then bring forward their own name. McCain should also see what the Chinese markets' demands are related to potatoes and try producing those products rather than putting in the stores what is consumed by the people in USA or Canada. People have a complete different sense of taste and something innovative will have to be done in order to capture the market . The traditions and taste of China are a barrier for entry in the market for fries hence I would recommend McCain to hire someone to generate new ideas as to how the fries can be introduced into the market. Ideas could include introducing McCain fries presented with a Chinese dish that tastes even better with fries! Along with introducing its fries to McDonalds and KFC it will have to target the most popular Chinese food outlets so that people...
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