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Dear students,

Please answer the following Five questions, carefully read them and make your answers clear to the point, giving examples are very much appreciated.

The following questions are short essays questions, requiring response of approximately 150 words each.

First question:-
Corantor is a hi-tech global company with a traditionally low profile. Until recently, if you asked anyone if he knew the corantor brand name, the like hood was that he would say yes. However, he might not have known what Corantor provides in the way of its total product range, and might have associated the brand name and company with traditional technology. The "Let's Make Things Better" global brand campaign has raised the corantor profile, and provided it with a more focused and distinctive personality. From your point of view, what did corantor do to build its strong Brand and be well known by every one? ==================================================

Second Question:
The debate about which to brand first the company or its brands, from your point of view supported by examples which comes first and why. Also, tell us about your company and its Brands.
What did your company do to brand itself and what did it do to brand its products, and what are the positive things and negative things for branding itself first and if branding its products first.

Third question
.Boston consulting group matrix is important for marketing managers to control the company’s portfolio. Please discuss and explain how you could do that while showing the BCG relationship with the PLC.


Best wishes and good luck
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