Marketing Summary of Tansas

Topics: Private label, Marketing, Brand Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Turkish consumers affected by the economic crisis and began savings. There are two ways to minimize this affected in; the first to allow privatization thus globalization of national brands by providing enhances the range of products. The second way, Turkish consumers revising the shopping behavior in the rational regard. Because people are now formed by selective and brand awareness. Stores are looking for ways of selling quality merchandise at a reasonable price. One-to-sell products to suppliers of private labels imitation can easily and sell their own brand names similar names caused manufacturers reduce the quality of the brand. Customers think of also money going to those expensive brands not satisfy themselves and caused by there is no sufficient information about the brand they prefer to cheap imitations. For example, shoppers by Serkan in Migros, his basket filled all the Migros’ brand products and he says, tried every product and Migros’ product better than others and He says he will persuade his wife to take these products. The increased interest in store brands all over the world. Through an effective and integrated marketing program, companies strive to change consumers’ attitudes toward risk, quality and price. As a result, most consumers have come to realize that the private labels are not that different from their national or global counterparts, and they even have developed a strong preference for private labels. Store brand sales as well as increase consumer loyalty and profit increases its commitment to national products and manufacturers. With 270 branches across the Tansaş turkey, the brand has become the most branches and for Tanşaş the title of being the oldest founded in 1973, with Migros merged in 2006 grew even more. Looking at the geographical pressure and consumer profile Tansaş / Migros has grown faster than expected. As the best retail chain Migros in 2010 by Deloitte shown and proved it by...
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