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A brand defined as “a name, term, sign symbol, design or a combination of these, that identifies the product or services of one seller or group of seller and differentiates them from those of competitors.” (Kotler and Armstrong 2009) Building brand can bring a lot of benefits for customers and business. It helps customers to differentiate products from others. Also, branding helps business to differentiate a company from its competitors and acts as means of positioning. Additionally, as competition has increased and fashion clothing and accessories has become saturated, customers become more and more difficult to differentiate products from one to others completely based on quality. So use brand elements to build a brand and understand how to evaluate their ability to contribute to brand equity are a significant role for business.

Brand elements
The brand name is the chiefest of brand elements to achieve brand equity. “It can be an extremely shorthand means of communication.” (Kevin Lane Keller, P145) Brand name is an important part to achieve brand equity. Firstly, brand name as an introduction to the brand, customers get information from name and increase awareness of the company. And a brand name is the foundation of a brand image which associated with brand can be built with advantages over time. Also, brand name selecting a good brand name is difficult and certainly an art and science. Like any brand element, brand name can improve brand awareness. A successful brand name should be easily to pronounce and spell, meaningful and familiarity, distinctive and unique, such as Coca-Cola common name is Coke. In addition, brand name is implied what products that company offering. For example, KFC indicate Kentucky Fried Chicken. There are numbers of ways to choosing a brand name for a new product. Whether business chooses a brand name on their own mind or seeks a brand name from professional marketing firms, the naming procedures are needed. The steps includes define objectives, generate names, screen initial candidates, study candidate names, research the final candidates and select the final names.

Although brand name is central of band elements, a visual element which is logos and symbols are also very important to building brand equity and help customers to aware brand. Many logos can be distinguished by two categories. Some logos are literal representations of brand name which can enhance brand meaning and awareness, such as LV logo indicate to Louis Vuitton. It can be quite concrete or pictorial in nature such as Palph Lauren’s polo player and American Express Centurion. The other sort of logos with physical elements of product or company can become a symbol, such as the Goodyear blimp, McDonald’s golden arches and so on. When designing a logo for a company, the one of the key things is to define the identity. For instance, to understand the aim and individual vision of a brand, to aware what is brand’ s permanent nature and competencies, etc. The logos and symbols as one of the brand assets which make consumers can recognize and recall easily from logos and symbols. Also, it can be appropriate for a range of product categories such as Lux, Surf, Dettol. Finally, logos and symbols can be updated transferred across cultures.

“URLs (uniform resource locators) specify locations of pages on the web and are also commonly referred to as domain names”. (Kevin Lane Keller, P154).Companies registered web address increased in recent years, the reason is that “URLs is protecting their brands from unauthorized use in other domain names.” (Kevin Lane Keller, P155 ). Also, customers can recognize from different URLs easily and simply, they need to remember it if they want to get to the website.

Another elementary part is the brand slogan, it can contribute to brand equity through these ways. Slogan is short sentences or phrases that help customers increase awareness of brand and convinced to buy their...
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