Topics: Case study, Scientific method, Branding Pages: 2 (794 words) Published: August 20, 2013
* This is an academic assignment, please type and word your assignment correctly * This is a group work assignment; should be done with your colleagues that you attend the SAME TUTORIALS WITH!! * Assessment coversheets should be attached to your assignment * Referencing should be applied correctly and in line with APA format * USE THE Q-MANUAL SPECIFICATIONS FOR REPORT WRITING AND REFERENCING!!! * LENGTH 5-7 PAGES: 1500 WORDS LONG: STICK TO THE SPECIFIED WORK COUNT * ALL TUTORIAL GROUPS SHOULD SUBMIT THEIR ASSIGNMENT ON THEIR SPECIFIED TUTORIAL TIME!!! ASSESSMENT CONTENT

Content| Specifications| Aspects required|
Executive summary| Incorporate main points from the case study questions| *Purpose of report*Plan of report**Main findings: linked to addressing all key questions/ answers’ to key questions: answers to Question 1-11**Conclusions/RemarksMaximum of a page!!!| Introduction| Brief introduction of case study preliminaries and report analysis| *Brief background* Problems/ issue statement*Purpose of case report*Plan of case reportMaximum of a PAGE!| CASE QUESTIONS| Articulation of case study questions and analytical tools utilised in the marketing strategyReference context of the case study and other academic journals stemming from the discussion| Question 1: PRICING STRATEGY ANALYSIS: a) Discuss the pricing strategy utilized by the case organisation and support your reasons with theory and material from case study. b) Risks of the Current Pricing strategy: support your argument from the case studyc) Propose Another Pricing strategy and argue its relevance for the organisationQuestion 2: Read the journal: has the concept of double jeopardy affected the white star brand?What were the key success factors that contributed to success of the brand in light of its...
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