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World Wildlife Fund

i) Product or services provided:
WWF is an international non-governmental organisation working to save the environment and for its wellbeing, as one of the world largest organisation having more than 5 million supporters worldwide it is providing services to save the natural environment in more than 100 countries, currently its focus is mainly on the biodiversity of forests, freshwater ecosystems, oceans and coasts and also concerned with endangered species, pollution and climate change. ii) Benefits for the customers and Individuals:

The organisation is providing the benefits to its customers and other people by its commitment to keep the natural environment protected, to save the wildlife from being hunted illegally and controlling the destruction of the environment, so the people can live in a safer and clean natural environment, the people will like to make effort and play a vital role for the wellbeing of environment after they understand the mission of the organisation. iii) Customer Satisfaction:

The customer satisfaction will be through the feedback provided to the customers about the organisations achievements and missions, its main objectives and ongoing projects. The people who intend to know about its progress and achievements will be provided by all the information relating to the ongoing projects, main objectives and goals, and the future challenges related to the environment of the earth and wildlife. iv) Target Markets:

Target markets for the firm will be the individual people interested in the wellbeing of environment and wildlife, government organisations who intend to participate in such activities and corporations, the organisation will be also working on its goal to make more awareness in the people about environment and giving its message that world wildlife fund is a non-profit organisation dedicated to...
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