Marine Mammals

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Marine Mammals in Captivity
Would you like it if you were put in a cage, forced to perform tricks for an audience on a daily basis? An animal being kept in captivity is wrong, because we shouldn’t put our desire to be amused and entertained over the fact that these animals are confined, being forced to perform for us. Animals should be allowed to live and die in their natural habitat

Many experts have claimed that zoos and aquariums give us human beings a better access to the life of an animal. By having better access to the life of an animal, they conclude that we humans will be able to learn about the sort of dangers these animals go through in their natural habitat such as pollution, food shortages, etc. Therefore, by learning about the tragedies these animals go through humans will more likely to become an advocate and help out these animals.

Nevertheless, there isn’t an argument in the fact that humans are gaining exposure from going to zoos and aquariums. The issue is that humans are gaining exposure in the wrong way. We are not learning anything from seeing these animals in habitats that bear no resemblance whatsoever to how they actually live in the wild and most definitely not by seeing them perform circus tricks for us. Experts can argue and say that with animals being in captivity they are able to live longer and healthier lives. What this opinion fails to take into account is, stated by “The Case against Marine Mammals in Captivity “captive dolphins live just as long as their wild dolphins.” If these animals are to suppose to benefit from living in captivity then why is it that these animals aren’t living longer lives compared to animals in the wild? Also looking pass the fact that these animals are dying at the same rate as wild animals would they’re also suffering from other things as well; one of the main things being psychological distress. “The anguish of captivity is so great; they develop ulcers and have been known to mutilate...
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