: Many People Think It More Important to Preserve Land for Endangered Animals Than to Use Land for People’s Needs, Such as Farming, Homes, and Factories. Do You Agree or Disagree

Topics: Biodiversity, Species, Biology Pages: 2 (482 words) Published: August 9, 2011
Man is living in a world where there is a continuous competition to exceed and surpass others. There is a race against people and time to achieve more and more. It has been seen that for the achievement of his goals and his greed to succeed in life, has caused tremendous damage to environment and other species around. It is the need of the hour that he recognizes the importance of other species and environment and acts in harmony with them. I agree with the thought of preserving land for endangered animals than for people’s needs and propose the following supporting reasons for it. We have seen that there is population explosion, due to which more and more land is required to meet the human needs. More people will require more shelter to dwell. For their employment and to earn their bread they will have to work which would require factories and industries to be setup. Also farming has to be done on extensive scale so as to meet the demands of the people. Also infrastructures like roads have to be setup for commutation. This various reasons will ultimately result in reduction of free lands. Due to which there are various animal species which are on the verge of extinction as there are no homes available to them. For example- the number of tigers available on this earth is a mere thousand and the day they are extinct will not be far away if proper timely actions are not being taken. Also the forest lands where these animals dwell are full of trees. These trees are responsible to maintain the ecological balance. Trees not only produce oxygen but also are responsible for causing rains. The oxygen produced by trees is of utmost importance as it is required for breathing for humans. The water from rains is required by every living being for its survival. Oxygen and Water are the two most critical which are responsible for human existence, an imbalance in their quantity in the environment can have deleterious effects on the living beings. Also trees are responsible for...
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