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Topics: Problem solving, Family therapy, Question Pages: 3 (1025 words) Published: December 12, 2012
III. Beliefs on which solution focused family therapy are based

Solution focused family therapy is based on the beliefs that people have the power to change their lives and problems. Sometimes they just need a little help finding the solution or even looking at the problem differently. The role of the therapist is to build guidelines and directions for the client to see that they have the potential to change whatever is needed in their lives. “A positive expectation of the client’s life success is more conductive to tasks of exploration, discovery, and healing than a psychopathological perspective (Franklin C., 2002). If the therapist can sow the client that there problem is actually smaller than they are seeing it, by breaking down the problem. Then the client will start to have positive expectations for them as well.

“Indirect communication stresses the importance of therapist’s communication in their role as a passive inquirer who asks questions solely to receive an answer; regardless of what it may be (Franklin C., 2002).” Focusing more on the solution than the problem makes even the largest problems feel defeatable. Giving the client the resources needed to achieve those solutions; where they are able to gain the power to overcome their problems and more into their perfect world.

VII. Techniques for solution focused family therapy.
Techniques for solution focused family therapy are based on change. The clients feel that something needs to be different in their lives. “They either want to stop doing something, or start doing something, or do something differently (Franklin C., 2002). However, they have not been able to find a solution to their problem on their own.

The job of the therapist is to help the client access those resources (Franklin C., 2002). They do this by asking numerous questions about the client, their lives, what they want differently, what is positive in their life right now, what is their perfect world and by asking the...
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