MADAGASCAR The Vanishing Planet

Topics: Extinction, Biodiversity, Madagascar Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: August 16, 2015
Madagascar: Deterioration of the Innocent Land
A Reaction Paper from Madagascar: The Vanishing Planet

Renowned as the fourth largest island in the world and serves as the habitat for millions of different flora and fauna species, Madagascar really fascinates people with its astonishing biodiversity. But with the present day factors that threaten the innocent land, many of the rest of Madagascar’s unique creatures are at risk.

Madagascar has been designated as a biodiversity hotspot. Most of its landmarks are directly vulnerable by the staggering increase of human inhabitants. The island faces massive deterioration as villagers are taking advantage on the land’s resources. Regardless of its vicinity to the continental island, animal life on Madagascar established in isolation after the island moved away from Africa dating back approximately 140 million years agoError: Reference source not found. Even though innate species show African and Indian characteristics, it indicates that these species evolved on Madagascar due to long time of isolation. Most of the species are endemic, means that they are confined in a particular region. It includes lemurs, civets and giant tortoise. Madagascar’s birds and insect species are rich and are also largely endemic.

According to a science journal by James Newman entitled, “Africa”, more than ninety percent of Madagascar’s forests have been greatly affected by human endeavor. There have been reports supporting the local extinction of giant lemur, tortoise and elephant bird in Madagascar because of the loss of habitat due to human threat. In addition, Madagascar’s growing human population has put increased pressures on the ecosystem. Due to the high demand of needs of native people in Madagascar, they have been forced to use the country’s natural resources to survive.

Deforestation and soil erosion are the main reason why many notable species have already vanished. Twenty-two percent of the total land of Madagascar...
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