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A Product is a mixture of tangible and intangible attributes, which are capable of being exchanged for a value, with ability to satisfy customer needs. Besides physical objects, we also include services, ideas, persons, and places in the concept of product. Thus, product may be defined as anything that can be offered to a market to satisfy a want or need. It is offered for attention, acquisition, use or consumption. LUX –

Lux is a Convenience Product. It is purchased frequently, immediately and with least time and efforts.


Lux Fragrances -
The fragrance of Lux soaps varies depending on the product. The Lux bar soaps come in a variety of floral aromas, with the light rose scent being the most common. The Lux shower gel soap and hand wash soaps are produced in a wide range of scents including "Wine & Roses", "Glowing Touch" and "Sparkling Morning."

 Lux Colors -

Lux soaps feature a palette of pastel colors. While Lux soap once came in only the standard white color, in 1958, Lux started to produce five color options: pink, white, blue, green and yellow. The Lux bar soaps are still available in this range of colors today .

Affordable Luxury -
Lux soap is intended to be an affordable luxury. While the bar soap is inexpensive when compared to soaps that can be purchased in department stores or from major beauty companies, the product is of similar quality to the more expensive options. Lux soap offers people "a chance to pamper themselves for a modest price," according to Unilever. 

b) Branding –

Brand Name and Symbol – That part of a brand, which can be spoken, is called a brand name. In other words, brand name is the verbal component of a brand. That part of a brand which can be recognized but which is not utter able is called brand mark.

c) Packaging and Labeling–
Packaging refers to the act of designing and producing the container or wrapper of a product....
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