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Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton (LV) is a name of a French man. He is a designer of the fashion industry in 1820s to 1890s. (Anon,2014) This name had been the best fashion brand currently. According to totally brand value top 100 ranking in 2014, Louis Vuitton is standing 19th in the 100 brands. And also it is No.1 of fashion industry in the world. Louis Vuitton was created a luxury brand value and gained the top of world fashionable company in the past 150 years. (Forbes,2014)

Three authors point of first stage – Awareness
Keller’s Awareness
Keller CBBE model awareness point, he means awareness is about consumers understand the product or service what the brand did. It is questioning (who are you?). One of point is category identification, consumer can understand what kind of the product or service of the brand. For example, Louis Vuitton is in the fashion industry. The other point is needs and satisfied. It is about after you paid for the brand, is it satisfying your need? So the awareness is that how can consumer recall the memory of the brand and how they recognize to choose the brand when they have a need. (Keller,2002)

Aaker’s Brand Awareness
In Brand Equity Model, Aaker had mentioned brand awareness too. In his opinion, awareness is brand is known among the public. How the brand can achieve the consumers when they have a need or want. The following have few elements about awareness by Aaker. First is associate the product and its brand. Second is how the consumer familiarity and liking of the brand. A positive brand can reach everybody to talk about. Third is brand will influence the consumers purchase process. That is mean the brand has already live in the consumers’ mind. (Aaker,1991)

Kapferer’s Physique
Kapferer has built his unique model to calculate the brand equity which is Brand-Identity Prism model. To relate to awareness is physique. It is using the best product to achieve awareness. Also physique appearance can show brand quality. Kapferer said no brand will be able to do without drawing attention to its material benefit. (Kapferer,2004)

Awareness analysis by Marketing mix
Louis Vuitton is a powerful fashion brand. Long time ago, they started to build their brand to be luxury and noble identity by used promotion. There is a clearly identification to consumers. Even many kind of Products also promoted very clearly. Just like Keller and Aaker opinions, it will be a good memory to stick with consumer mind. When consumers collect a lot of knowledge from the promotions, their awareness will be very good. Louis Vuitton has create the best product quality to match Kapferer point. Even if the consumer used LV product once, they will keep the memory in mind. Next time when they need to buy a new one, they link to the brand is Louis Vuitton. Actually, Louis Vuitton have discernible logo on products, it will directly mark in the consumer mind and it will be a specific awareness when consumers have to purchase.

Three authors point of second stage - Performance and Imagery Keller’s Performance and Imagery
Keller CBBE model is mentioning performance (tangible) and imagery (intangible). It is questioning about (what are you?). For performance, Keller believe the main reason to affect the brand equity is product. To satisfy consume needs and wants through the product, they have to design and deliver the tangible product. Most of the consumer will compare the product between different brands. So, Primary characteristic is operating the brand level. It is because product level has already separated from low to very high and it will indirectly influence consumer decision. In addition, there are product elements to affect consumer purchase decision. First is reliability, refer to product reputation. Second is durability, refer to the how long is available time to use. Third is serviceability, refer to after-sales service. On the other hand, if the organization want to make a product...
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