Living Extinction

Topics: Plant, Species, Biodiversity Pages: 1 (376 words) Published: January 7, 2013
Over the past 200 years, humans have made significant changes to natural environments all over the globe, and most of these changes have negatively affected wildlife, forcing unprecedented numbers of species toward extinction. However, extinction is a natural biological process that has been a part of species' evolution since the beginning of time. Fossil records have shown that, even before humans were a part of the world's biota, natural factors such as overspecialization , competition, sudden climatic change, or catastrophic events like volcanic eruptions and earthquakes have driven species to endangerment and extinction.

Some people may ask "why bother with conservation?" We now realise that it is important to maintain the planet's biodiversity, that it is the richness (variety) of animal and plant life, its abundance and wild habitats. The more species disappear, the more entire eco-systems become vulnerable and would eventually fall apart as the links in the food chains become broken. For example certain animals only eat certain plants and those plants may need that animal to pollinate it or spread its seed. Without one, the other is also likely to die out. From a selfish point of view, we humans never know how valuable a species of animal or plant may be for us in the future, perhaps as food, medicines (particularly plants) or specific information. People all over the world are working to help save endangered animals from extinction. There are conservation organizations which try to make people aware of the problems facing wild animals such as, The Nature Conservancy and World Wildlife Fund. Some of the ways in which they are being saved include habitat protection, captive breeding, setting up nature reserves and parks and using alternative products in place of products from rare animals. Governments can help by making international agreements between countries to protect animals (many countries, for example, have agreed to stop...
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