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This Literary Works Bibliography (including novels, poems, essays, notes, speeches, etc.) is based on the list provided by the Jose Rizal National Centennial Commission, particularly in its publication entitled Quotations from Rizal’s Writings, which is translated in English by Encarnacion Alzona from the original Pensamientos de Rizal in Spanish. This bibliography, on the other hand, is presumed from the thesis of Angel Tiaoqui Hidalgo (Saturnina Rizal-Hidalgo’s grandson) but is uncredited. The early bibliographies of Rizal such as Wenceslao E. Retana’s Bibliografia Rizalina (1907), and the works of Luis Montilla (former director of the National Library) found in Rafael Palma’s Bibliografia de Rizal (1949) were also used as cross references in compiling all of Rizal’s literary works. In’s complete bibliography of Rizal’s works, the titles are arranged both chronologically and thematically, to make it easier for readers as they conduct researches on Rizal. Title| Type| Physical Description| Created/ Originally Published in| Published in| Content Description/Summary| Date| A. D. Ricardo Carnicero (English Translation: To Don Ricardo Carnicero)| Poem| No signature. Three pages. 16 cm. X 22.5 cm. The original manuscript is found in the National Library. | Dapitan| De Veyra, J. C. Poesias de Rizal, 1946, pp. 60-62| It is a laudatory poem dedicated to D. Ricardo Carnicero, who was the politico-military governor of Dapitan when Rizal was exiled there on June, 1892.| 1892 August 26| A “La Defensa”| Essay| No signature. Nine pages. 21.5 cm. X 13 cm. The original manuscript is found in the National Library.| La Solidaridad, No.6| | This contains Rizal's reply to. an article published by La Defensa in its 30th of March, 1889 issue, refuting the views expressed by Don Patricio de la Escosura, and calling the attention of all to the "pernicious influence of the friar (in the Philippines) in this age."| 1889 April 30| A mi Criador| Poem| Fragment | | Documentos Rizalinos.| It forms part of "Memorias y Apuntes" in Documentos Rizalinos which were presented as a gift by the Spanish people to the Filipino people in 1953. This is an incomplete poem of three stanzas in which the author makes an invocation of his Creator.| | Acerca de Tawalisi de Ibn Batuta| Notes| The original manuscript is in the form of letter addressed to Dr. A. B. Meyer dated in London, 7 January 1889 and signed “Jose Rizal”. 15 pp. written in black ink on stationary paper. Original manuscript found in the Meyer Collection of the Newberry Library, Chicago. Facsimile copy is in the National Library. | London| | It is believed that this work forms part of Notes (in collaboration with A. B. Meyer and F. Blumentritt) on a Chinese code in the Middle Ages (See No. 88, Bibliography II), translated from the German by Dr. Hirth. In brief, the work says that "Tawalisi" may refer to the northern part of Luzon or to any of the adjoining islands.| 1889 January 07| Academia de Ciencias Filosoficos-naturales| | No title. Eight pages, written in black ink on ordinary paper. 15.2 cm. X 21.5 cm. The original manuscript is found in the Newberry Library (Ayer Collection), Chicago.| | | It includes the following: 1. Secretary of the Academy of Filosofico-Natural sciences. 2. First reunion of the alumni of the Academy, 10 February 1881. (Thursday) 3. Second reunion at the close of the school term, 1880-1881. 4. School term, 1881-1882: first session 5. School term, 1881-1882: second session 6. School term, 1881-1882: third session 7. School term, 1881-1882: fourth session Interpolated in these records is a composition "A wheel around the hub" in English, which is unfinished. It seems to have been copied from a book.| 1881-1882| Ampliacion a mi mapa de la isla de Mindanao (English Translation: Enlargement of my Map of the Island of Mindanao)| Translation| No signature nor date. Five pages. 94.7 cm. X 21.5 cm. The...
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