Life Beyond Earth

Topics: Mars, Jupiter, Extraterrestrial life Pages: 1 (253 words) Published: June 19, 2015

Life beyond Earth, is it possible?
Life in space ... I think many people thought about it. Is this possible? And if yes, then how would it look? Assuming a lot of different variants, most probable, in my opinion, is a settlement on Mars. Recent studies by NASA confirmed the presence of water on Mars. Thus, the conditions on Mars, seems to be sufficient to sustain life. Martian soil parameters are close to the earth and on the Martian soil could theoretically grow plants. Therefore, Mars is the most likely site of the first settlement after the extraterrestrial moon. How it will look settlement on Mars? How in the case of relocation to Mars will people live? Specially designed home will have all the necessities of life, where almost nothing. As planned by the scientists, by 2030 humans will be able to land on a nearby planet. The house will be in the form of a hemisphere, very high ceilings and an autonomous power system. This system will be based on hydrogen fuel cells. The house will also be installed modern printer capable of printing necessary for life items. Thus, residents will be able to create the most necessary parts and some tools on their own.   «Hundred-Year Starship» - project irrevocable direction to Mars in order to colonize the planet. The main idea of the project is to send people to Mars forever. Further flights will bring new settlers and to replenish their stocks. So, sooner or later, mankind will create habitats beyond Earth.
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