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1. Do you think that Levi’s was correct to keep the Levi Strauss name on its signature line? Or would it have been better off creating a completely new brand name? Present both sides of the case. Take and justify a position. If Levi Strauss keeps its name for the new signature line they will benefit since people already know they brand and some people have build a brand loyalty towards it, which means that it will not have to build the credibility and market of the brand since the base. Nevertheless, if Levi Strauss decides to create a completely new brand name, they can specifically center that brand on targeting lower income individuals while still preserving their high status with their other Levi Strauss brands. They may gain new customers, although it will take them more time to do so, but they will also prevent losing customers as they did since many people might have stopped buying the brand since it loss its high status and started acquiring a more generic and less prestigious image. 2. What do you think Levi’s image is among the following? What are the marketing implications of your response?

a) Tween girls (aged 10 to 12): Levis has a negative image in this segment. Girls at these ages see Levis as a classic and untrendy brand used by older, middle-aged women.
b) Tween boys (aged 10 to 12): Levis has a neutral image among boys these ages. Boys at this stage do not think about brand names, they just wear the clothing that their parents buy for them. This means that Levis doesn’t really have a positive or a negative image in this age group, but they are purchased by the parents that see them as durable.

c) Teenage girls: Levis has a negative image in this segment. Teenage girls see the brand as being unstylish and too plain, it is seen as a brand used by older women. As can be seen by the customer that expressed her opinion, girls will not purchase the brand.

d) Teenage boys: Levis has a negative image. Teenage boys care about being trendy and looking attractive. Some boys may care about the brand being too targeted towards middle-aged consumers, which will drag them towards not using the brand; others might see the brand as being untrendy and generic. e) Women aged 21 to 35: Levis has a negative image in this segment. Women see the jeans as being not stylish and also as being too masculine, which will make women not be attracted to the brand.

f) Men ages 21 to 35: Levis was originally a brand targeted towards men, which means that men who don’t really care about being stylish or wearing designer clothes will buy the brand. Nevertheless, within this segment a small portion of men between ages 21-24 still care about their image being in style, which might drag them not to use the brand.

g) Women aged 36 to 55: Levis has a neutral image. Women at this age might be looking towards a more comfortable look, which means they do not care about Levis being unstylish. Although they are looking for durability and comfort, some may not buy the brand due to its masculine look and roughness. h) Men aged 36 to 55: Levis has a neutral image. Most men at this age do not care much about buying expensive or designer brands, but of buying clothes that will be durable and comfortable. Since Levis has an image of being rough, durable and masculine men will most likely buy the brand.

3. Do you believe that Levi’s brand is as “elastic” as Levi’s executives believe it is? Or, have they “overstretched” the name with the Signature line?
I do not believe the Levi’s brand is as elastic as Levi’s executive believe it is. Levi’s already had built a brand image, and by developing the Signature line they have distorted this image. They used to be more focused on middle to high-income individuals, and by introducing this affordable brand they have change the prestigious view that consumers had of the brand making them loss customers.

4. Develop the “brand schema” that you think existed for the overall Levi’s brand before and after the...
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