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Market Analysis

Dishwash market of Pakistan is a bar driven market. Vim’s major competitor is Max while the rest of the brands like Safoon, Anna Bar are very small in size. Price
Price is very important for this category. In order to market share, competitors use price as a unique selling point (USP). Max is a price leader in dish wash market. Max and Vim are price tag parity and both are price premium. Vim is low grammage and high price although it is not a noticeable difference. Price comparison of Bars between Vim and Max according to SKUs are as follows. Max Bar| Vim Bar|

Small Bar Pack (110 grams) cost Rs. 12| Small Bar Pack (110 grams) cost Rs. 12| Number of SKUs| Bar (200 grams) cost Rs. 22|
Long Bar Pack (330 grams) cost Rs 32| Long Bar Pack (300 grams) cost Rs.33|

Product Portfolio
Max Protfolio includes Max Bar, Azadi Dish Bar, Max Sourers, Max Liquid and Max Antibacterial. Max Bar is targeting urban area while Azadi dish bar is targeting rural area. Lemon Max Bar
Lemon Max Bar is a quality washing bar. Lemon Max Bar is a with leadership among dish wash segment of FMCG in Pakistan. Lemon Max Bar is product of Colgate Palmolive which was launched in 1982 with scourer embedded tagline “Hara Kaam Maun Khara Nimbo Ki Taqat Say Bhara”. Lemon Max Bar Consumers

Primary shoppers of Max Bar are women and housewives and secondary are men purchasing household items. Brand is used for dish washing at home with the essence of lemon in it. Many year of sale and consumption at home consumers have approved Max Bar is a high quality product with many benefits. Lemon Max Growth Period

Max Bar with strong, lemon-like, grease cleansing action and name that gave impression of foreign brand. Brands pass through ups and down then got stabilized and become market leader in terms of sales and Brand name. In 1985,brand manager learnt that consumer perceive that scourer damaged the dishes then they launched max liquid to overcome this perception. At the same time Unilever Pakistan ,the mega corporate giant of FMCG’s , launched its brand under the name of “Rin” in dishwashing segment of FMCG. The competition become aggressive in terms of promotion, retails distribution and event placement. But according to market experts, consumer used brand for cleaning their quality dishes utensils. Due to heavy advertisement and erroneous branding decision Rin brand got positioning problems , product colour confusion among the consumers. Taking advantage from that opportunity, revelry brand “Max Bar” makes aggressive movements by heavy promotions. Soon Mac brand takes the game by kicking Rin Brand out of market form distribution to media promotion and become market leader. In 2001, Rin brand repositioned himself and change to “vim” and entered in to the market . Competition again got fierce between max bar and Vim due to heavy marketing budget form unilever gain to pull the max bar from market. In the end of 2004, Rin vanish from the market and max become the leader in the market.

After that many brands emerge on the competition arena like Safoon and Aana bar ,raising competition with the Max bar with relatively low price. For tackling this Max Bar launched 200 gm and sachet in that brand to gain an edge in the competition. But still Max Bar got 60 percent of the market share. In 2011, Unilever has relaunched Vim in dishwashing category. Vim gives a fierce competition to Lemon Max and start gaining market share from lemon max and other small players in the market. Lemon Max Liquid

Liquid dishwash is targeted at urban upper middle class home makers and here the users are home maids rather than home makers. It will be difficult to teach house maids to use the liquid efficiently. People perceived both the liquid brands same. Although, Vim is a concentrated gel while Max is a dilute liquid. Concentrated gels are used less as compare to dilute solution. Gels are more efficient in dish wash. Max Liquid...
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