Lancome Secondary Research

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Lancôme Secondary Research

The aim of this report is to compare china’s travel retail behavior of students with the rest of the world. This will help us explore the various similarities and differences between countries with various cultures and travel industries. It is very necessary to understand the decision making process of the students in order to understand their travel behavior. Various desires and needs and range of personal , social and market factors influence their decisions. Key Words- Consumer behavior, travel retail, Asian and other markets.

Chinese and Other Markets
China is an emerging market known for its youth travel abroad. It is, world’s No.3 consumer of high-end fashion, according to Earnst & Young, (Chaney, 2008) It is predicted that, in 2020, China would become the fourth largest tourist-generating country generation (UNWTO*, 2000) and the student market therefore represents a vast source of potential present and future income for the country. Chinese students that travel abroad are more likely to be attracted towards destinations that are well known and shop there (Feifei Xu, Michael Morgan and Ping Song). Whereas, In the European countries, UK is known to be the fourth largest outbound market in world tourism after USA , Germany and Japan( Office of National Statistics, 2005). European regions generate the most commercial revenue per passenger compared to the global mean. Lancôme is L’Oreal’s leading premium cosmetics brand operating across skin care, cosmetics and fragrances. Lancôme’s global market share in cosmetics remained constant i.e. 4.4% in 2011 , however it experiences a falling share in premium cosmetics in the Western European market. It led to the trading down of consumers to cheaper alternatives.(Passport, 2012) London Heathrow generates over two thirds of its revenue from duty free and other airside retail with its high proportion of international passengers.(Anne Graham, 2009) In the UAE, the beauty and...

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