La Perla

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History of La Perla
Emilia-Romagna Region (Bologna-Modena-Regio Emilia) Major Exports Building and Reinforcing the ID
La Perla in Bologna
Value Chain La Perla
La Perla Analysis
Evolution of Customers and Trends
Customer Target per Region
SWOT analysis of La Perla
SWOT analysis of BREM
La Perla and Economic Environment
New Media and Technology
Drivers in of Change in the Fashion Industry
Ageing and Economic Climate in Italy

History of La Perla

The company was founded in 1954 by Ada Masotti in a small confection lab named L’Ape. The name is inspired in the jewelry that came with the garment and the box. In 1960’s the company started a revolution in the underwear tradition with the introduction of colored pieces and leaving behind the “white” style. By the 1970’s La Perla started to used technology in its production and the elastic strap, tulle, pleated polyester or silk-like microfibers were some of the most important breakthroughs; also at this decade the firm launched its swimwear line, expanding their business into different segments. With the arrival of Alberto Masotti (son of Ada) as the new President, the companies started its global expansion and enlarge its brand into different business such as perfumes. At the arrival of the last decade of the century La Perla opened its first boutique store in Milano, the capital of fashion in Italy, and launched its Pret-a-Porter division. This was a result of the global trend amongst fashion houses in the world through a democratization of fashion and luxury that boost revenues across industries. By this time, the company also started to have liaison with art, in this decade the famous photographer Mario Parizotto. In the 21st century La Perla decided to change its looks to a more minimalistic approach by relying on Sigurd Steinunn designs. In 2004 was a special year for the company as it celebrated its 50th anniversary with the debut of the Pret-a-Porter catwalk in Milano. In 2008, La Perla was acquired by JH Partners, a private equity firm from San Francisco that specializes in investments on luxury brands. From 2010-2011, the collections of the company will be divided in four areas: La Perla, La Perla Villa Toscana, Studio La Perla and Miss Studio La Perla.

Figure 1. Ada Masotti, Founder of La Perla
Emilia - Romagna Region and Bologna

Emilia-Romagna develop a unique characteristic, unlike other industrial districts, the region from the beginning of the industrial development had a strong emphasis on collaboration due to the genesis of its creation. The region has strong socialist backbone that promoted co-operatives and small and medium enterprises with a large incentive to collaboration; this added the “strong network” necessary to become an Industrial district. The historical context help the development of entrepreneurship in small and medium enterprise in the post war Italy through external factors (Marshall Plan) and internal dynamics that supported the flourishing of the fashion companies in the region. Specifically in Bologna/Regio-Emilia/Modena (BREM) the development of the industrial district was quite different than for other cities in the region. In this sense, the industrial district of BREM had a unique advantage compare to others; the horizontal diversification in the district had strengthen the collaboration and enlarge the concentration of industries. BREM has a strong heritage in the production of textile and clothing with the presence of established fashion houses such as Bluemarine, Max Mara, Sergio Rossi, Bruno Magli, Mandarina Duck and Piquadro. Also, the district has attracted major companies as foreign investors in the fashion business such as: •LVMH investing in Bologna through the following firms, Calzaturificio MA.FR SRL, Baldinini SRL and...
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