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General Trend Links
Here I've gathered some of the best cultural observers of today. PSFK
PSFK is a collaborative trend reporting site run by Piers Fawkes and Simon King. It's a lens of changes in cultural behavior that influence all of us. CoolHunter
The Cool Hunter brings today's most happening movements, styles and trends to readers across the globe covering genres such as fashion, music, urban living, designer and cultural trends. UrbanSpy

Josh Spear offers a young and fresh perspective on everything from design to gadgets, furniture to music. WM Republic
Nice collection of links | Product Placement in Movies
Brandchannel tracks brand appearances and product placement in each week's number one film. Cross-referenced by brands and movies. Rankings and lists
How do you know if a brand is popular?
Check out these lists to find out.
American Brandstand
Agenda Inc. tracks all the mentions of brands in the lyrics of the Billboard Top 20 singles chart. Top U.S. Corporate Brands -
You know the names, but do you know what they are worth to Wall Street as an intangible asset? Google: Zeitgeist
zeitgeist | Pronunciation: 'tsIt-"gIst, 'zIt | Function: noun | Etymology: German, from Zeit (time) + Geist (spirit) | Date: 1884 | Meaning: the general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era BusinessWeek Top100 Global Brands

Ranks 100 brands that have a value greater than $1 billion and are global (deriving 20% or more of sales from outside their home country.) The 10 New Rules of Branding
Simon Williams, of branding consultancy Sterling Group - Article in 1) Brands that influence culture sell more; culture is the new catalyst for growth.

2) A brand with no point of view has no point; full-flavor branding is in, vanilla is out.

3) Today's consumer is leading from the front; this is the smartest generation to have ever walked the planet.

4) Customize wherever and whenever you can;...
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