Kozy Shack

Topics: Brand management, Brand, Pudding Pages: 4 (1322 words) Published: October 15, 2011
Emily Chan
Professor Hirakubo
Business Case #1: Kozy Shack
SWOT Analysis of Kozy Shack
* Fresh and natural products- Kozy Shack produce their products daily, ensuring freshness. They also use high quality ingredients with no preservatives, making their products all natural. This is important because Americans are becoming more and more health conscious. * Kozy Shack made a point to position their products in the market as nutritional, healthy, and family holiday ready for the more affluent family. In that market positioning, people are associating their products with the same type of vision that the company has made for itself. * Kozy Shack made a name for itself as being the pioneer in the adult dessert market. Before Kozy Shack, pudding was mainly a child’s dessert; this company made for a new segment in the dairy dessert market. Weaknesses:

* Short shelf life- Due to its lack of preservatives, its shelf life is considerably shorter compared to its competitors, (i.e., Jell-O and Swiss Miss). * Plain Packaging- Kozy Shack’s packaging was demure and plain; it did not reflect “its premium price and superior taste,” (Page 2). * Low Brand awareness- Only twenty perception of the population was aware of Kozy Shack’s existence. * Image- Its inability to overcome its image as a snack rather than a nutritional food product; healthier than yogurt. Opportunities:

* Demand for Adult Indulgence- The market for adult indulgence concerning snacks has steadily increased over time. Kozy Shack should increase its product awareness among the masses to boost their sales because their product fits the demand; it just needs to be acknowledged. * Appeal to all ethnicities- Kozy Shack should make their products (or create new products) more appealing to a wide range of ethnic...
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