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Knorr is World's largest selling soup brand from the Unilever stable. Born in 1838 in Germany, Knorr derived its name from the founder Carl Heinrich Knorr who developed a preservation process for foods which became the basis for the creation of the product Soup. In India Knorr was marketed by International Best Foods Ltd which was a subsidiary of BestFoods Inc. who owned Knorr brands worldwide. In 2000, Unilever acquired Knorr from BestFoods Inc. Knorr was launched under Hindustan Lever Limited and the category for soups was launched by Knorr in India. Early campaign

Brand’s logo was not sophisticated but creative. Colours represents mostly the colour of vegetables and the font is very soothing and written with smooth strokes. Knorr started the category promotion in 2000 by showing that it’s made of fresh vegetables and is healthy. Adverts showcased a mother who wants his children to have green vegetables and Knorr soups are a way for it. It also showed that it is accredited by Protein Association of India.

The unique selling proposition was that the Knorr soups are made of real vegetables and is a better way to provide children healthy food in form of soups. The target group were children in the age of 5-12. The core values of the brand was providing healthiness to children by providing rich food in form of soup. The positioning of the brand was very well done but it did not succeeded in India because the category of soups was alien to Indian palate and the market for packaged food was also not also very relevant at that time.

Knorr Annapurna

After failing, HUL decided to integrate Knorr with their brand Annapurna to create Knorr Annapurna. Since foods business in India is largely unpredictable HUL came up with this decision. Apart from this...
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