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Philip Kotler (born May 27, 1931 in Chicago) is the S.C. Johnson & Son Distinguished Professor of International Marketing at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University Why chocolate?

I. According to a recent study conducted by a major chocolate brand in India the major consumers of chocolates apart from kids are teenagers and people between the age of 15 - 35. Most of the chocolate brands in India produce chocolates in different sizes that are priced according to their sizes. Chocolates like Diary Milk and Five Star can be got for just Rs 10.

Chocolates in India are slowly and steadily substituting the mithai or traditional Indian sweets. Due to the increasing levels of social consciousness people prefer gifting well wrapped chocolate packets rather than sweets on occasions and festivals. Taking advantage of this situation GATHERING AND ANALYSING MARKET INFORMATION

Amul chocolates
Parent Company
Food Products
Tagline/ Slogan
Taste of India
Quality and affordability
Quality conscious children and adults
Target Group
Kids and youth
Taste of India by giving them quality products
SWOT Analysis
1. Good product range which includes chocolates, toffees, syrups etc 2. Good quality and packaging
3. Excellent distribution network of Amul ensure availability 4. Branding and advertising through TVCs and print ads is popular 5. Pricing is good as it attracts large segment
1. Limited international presence as compared to leading global brands 2. Penetration in rural areas is still limited
1. Tie-ups with hotel chains, restaurants
2.Special occasion packages
3. Global expansion and more rural penetration
1. Local sweet dishes
2. Entry of other local or international brands
1. Cadburys
2. Nestle
3. Mars(with all its child brands)
Parent Company|Kraft Foods|
Category|Food Products & Confectionery|
Sector|Food and Beverages|
Tagline/ Slogan|Kuch meetha ho jaye; A whole world of chocolately fun; Your happiness loves Cadbury; Milky Creamy Yummy| USP|One of the biggest and most trusted confectionery and foods brand| STP|

Segment|People who buy chocolates for eating or gifting|
Target Group|Children and families belonging to lower, middle and upper middle class| Positioning|As a sweet for happy occasions or auspicious beginning| Product Portfolio|
Brands|1.Cadburys Temptations[->0]2.Cadburys Oreo[->1]3.Cadburys Dairy Milk[->2]4.Cadburys Bournvita[->3]5.Cadburys Perk[->4]6.Cadburys 5 Star[->5]| SWOT Analysis|
Strength|1.High brand equity and top of the mind chocolate brand2. Strong brand recall and customer loyalty3. An employee strength of around 71,0004. Strong parent brand of Kraft Foods5. Successful marketing and advertising campaigns6. A wide variety of products on offer7. Strong R&D and innovation8. A trusted and premium quality brand9.Strong distribution network and operations in US, UK, India, Australia and a few other countries10.’Dairy Milk’ is one of the most famous and widely sold brand| Weakness|1. A few controversies regarding advertising, worms etc made international news2. A few instances of product recall hampering brand image| Opportunity|1.Increase reach in rural markets2.Increase its reach and penetration in untapped markets3.Acquire competition4.Diiversification of product range| Threats|1.Health consciousness amongst people 2.Increase in cost of raw material3.Inflation can cause reduction in sales| Competition|


Nestle Ltd|
Parent Company|Nestle Ltd|
Category|Food Products|
Sector|Food and Beverages|
Tagline/ Slogan|Good Food, Good Life|
USP|The biggest health and wellness brand in the world, top brand in Fortune 500 list| STP|
Segment|People looking for premium quality, and branded products like foods, dairy products, baby food, pet food,...
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