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Topics: Brand, Branding, Brand management Pages: 4 (309 words) Published: September 30, 2014
Ateneo de Davao University
School of Business and Governance
Sample Questionnaire

Dear Respondent,
You are invited to participate in a survey enrolled in Business Management course to find out your buying preference towards brand names. This survey will take about 5 -10 minutes to complete. This questionnaire is for classroom discussion only and the survey information is within the researcher and the respondent only. Thank you for your cooperation.

Yours truly,
Allen Culiao, Jeffrey Mondia, Aprille Pasamba & Ralph Someras Researchers
Name (optional): ________________________________________
Year Level:____
Gender: [ ] Female [ ] Male

1. How much is your weekly allowance?
[ ] 500-1000
[ ] 1100-2000
[ ] 2000-3000
[ ] 3000 and above
2. Do you trust any brand?

3. How many times have you repurchased your preferred brand in a month? ___Once
___3 to 5 times
___More than 5 times

A. Please put a check on the space provided
1. Do you prefer buying stuff with well-known brand?

2. Does Brand name affect your buying decision?

3. Are you satisfied with brand that you are buying?

B. Please put a check on the space provided
Very Unlikely
Somewhat Unlikely
Neither Likely nor Unlikely
Somewhat Likely
Very Likely
1. How likely would it be for you to switch brands if an alternative brand was cheaper?

2. How likely would it be for you to switch brands if an alternative brand had a more popular image and a larger public following?

3. Do you experiment with Different Brands?

4. How likely does Brand loyalty affect your Buying preference?

Thank you for spending time answering our questionnaire, your answers will be a great big help in finishing our Research Paper. Good day! SAMPLE QUESTIONNAIRE

Submitted by:
Culiao, Allen Grace
Mondia, Jeffrey
Pasamba, Aprille Kathleen...
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