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Topics: Nueva Ecija, Writing, Literary Genre Pages: 1 (333 words) Published: July 12, 2013
Maria Fatima B. Cerva
ENGL 110
Erika Villamante Padiernos is a second year AB in Language and Literature student from Poblacion Sur, Talavera, Nueva Ecija. She was born on September 2, 1996. She was the eldest among the three daughters of Mr. Ricardo Padiernos, a farmer. And Mrs. Benedicta Padiernos, a public teacher. Erika has always been fond of three things. First, she loves to write. She want to be a part of the league of the most successful writers from the top publishing company here in the Philippines. This has also been her reason why she shifted from CFY AB section to ABLL. She believes that this course could be her stepping stone on her way to her dream of becoming a writer. Second, she loves to read books. She wasn’t picky. She read books from different genre but she enjoyed romance most of the time. And lastly, she loves to watch Korean Dramas. Some of her favorites were Boys Over Flowers, To The Beautiful You, The Winter The Wind Blows and City Hunter. When Erika was asked what particular event she will always remember, she said that it would be her birthday because it was the same day that Nueva Ecija day is celebrated. She finds herself fortunate since her special day turns out to be a holiday every year. It means a lot for her that she could spend it with a complete family at her side. Because for her, family is really important. In fact, she consider it as the most valuable thing she had. When asked why, she simply answered that it was because other people didn’t get a chance to have a complete family. And thinking about that makes her feel very lucky and blessed. Someday, if Erika wouldn’t be a writer that her family would be proud of, she wish to be at least the person that can provide each of their needs. That’s how much she loves them.
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