Importance and Threats of/to Biodiversity

Topics: Biodiversity, Extinction, Life Pages: 2 (334 words) Published: September 28, 2012
1. What is the importance of Biodiversity?
* It is Biodiversity that allows animals, plants and humans to share our planet – if one species is destroyed, several may follow. * It is also important because certain organisms have economic value (such as forest plants being made into medicine), they have value to the ecosystem, and they are sources of natural beauty and recreation. * The biodiversity of both plant and plant species are core to the survival of life. * If loss of biodiversity occurs, we will not be able to preserve the quality of life on Earth any longer. Also, many animals are becoming extinct through human actions, * Shrinking biodiversity means that ecosystems will not be able to operate effectively. And with the loss of effective ecosystems, medicine, food, shelter and other valuable resources for our needs will be lost. * The following are also the benefits and services that ecosystems include: * Generations of soil and maintenance of soil quality

* Maintenance of air quality
* Maintenance of water quality
* Pest control
* Detoxification and decomposition of wastes
* Pollination and crop production
* Climate stabilization
* Prevention and mitigation of natural disasters
* Provision of food security
* Provision of health care

2. What are the death threats to Biodiversity?
* Habitat Destruction – factors contributing to habitat destruction are overpopulation, deforestation, pollution and global warming * Introduced and Invasive Species – invasive species occur when barriers (such as large rivers, seas and oceans) are blurred. Without barriers such species occupy new niches, substantially reducing diversity. * Genetic Pollution – Endemic species can be threatened with extinction through the process of genetic pollution. * Overexploitation – This occurs when a resource is consumed at an unsustainable rate. * Hybridization or Erosion and Food Security – Too much...
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