Ib Business Unit 27

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Unit 27
1) A) From 1997 to 2002, Marlboro has reduced greatly in the competition of leading brands. Companies such as Microsoft and GE gradually increased in their brand recognition and became world leaders. However, Coca-Cola remained the top company when it comes to brand recognition based of the brand values. Some of the emerging companies in 2002 happen to be car companies such as Toyota, Honda, Ford, Mercedes and BMW. Lastly, the beer company Budweiser completely fell out of recognition most probably because of the lack of rebranding.

B) The effects of smoking have been more pronounced in the world in recent times and may have caused Marlboro to lose its recognition. Marlboro may have not rebranded such as Coca-Cola has. The emerging car companies are most probably due to the fact that these companies have spent billions on advertising worldwide and many emerging countries have started to have an interest in cars. Budweiser probably did not rebrand in order to stay within the top companies.

2) A) Rebranding is when a company completes changes its marketing strategy through visuals and advertising techniques.

B) The company’s main product of nuts has heavily influenced the rebranding strategy. For example, using an elephant was an option due to the fact that elephants are heavily associated with nuts.

C) The company will most probably choose the Lightly Salted Food company because it hints at the original purpose of the company but also gives room for the growth and expansion the company may have in the future.

3) A) Manufacturer brands are brands created by the producers of goods and services. The goods and services bear the producers name. For example, Kellogg’s corn flakes is a manufacturer brand. Own Label brands are products which are manufactured for wholesale or retailers by other businesses but the wholesalers and retailers sell the products under their own name. Tesco Beans is an example of this type of branding.

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