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There is no one term which defines the tourism. Many terms are used to clarify the term tourism and some of them universally applicable. The local tourism organisation define tourism which define their satisfy requirement. Tourism may be define as the sum of the processes, activities, and outcomes arising from the relationship and interactions among tourists, tourism suppliers, host governments, host communities and surrounding environments that are involved in the attraction, transporting, hosting and management of tourists and over visitors. Surrounding environments include origin governments, tertiary education institution, and non-governmental organisation these entire sector play important role in the tourism which is connected to each other and help the tourism to sustain.
Hospitality refers to the relationship process between a guest and a host, and it also refers to the act or practice of being hospitable, that is, the reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers, with liberality and goodwill. Hospitality frequently refers to the hospitality industry jobs for hotels, restaurants, casinos, catering, resorts, clubs and any other service position that deals with tourists. Hospitality is also known as the act of generously providing care and kindness to whomever is in need.

Sectors of the hospitality industry...
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