How Does Disguise Contribute to the Sense of Disorder in Shakespeare's 'a Midsummer Nights Dream' in Act One?

Topics: A Midsummer Night's Dream, Helena, Hermia Pages: 2 (376 words) Published: December 17, 2012
"Disguise forms a crucial plot device with Shakespeare's comedy" How does disguise contribute to the sense of disorder within the play?

* disguise of decorum flouted by Lysander and Hermia's impudence - introduction of disorder within midsummer, as authority is questioned (complicit with disguise of decorousness) * sense of there being a disobedience reflected in Demetrius' pursuit of Hermia over Helena - disguise of gallantry - disorder of love and relationships between the characters. this is further explored when interactions become chaotic between all lovers as a result of jealousy etc. * disguise of promise (hermia and lysander eloping) and the ignorance of assumption that it prefaces. - allows blindness and folly to be explored with the characters, thus disorder can be created (ignorance of possible consequences ignored by H&L, thus disorder within woods can commence, folly) * disguised insecurities are explored with lovers mainly, but with all characters. begins in scene with Helenas aside to audience describing her jealousy, so forth. later exploited to provide disorder of relationships, particularly with H&H (height argument) * Disguise of night (hermia and lysander plan to elope under cover of night) license for the fantastical to take place * characters own disguise of reckless self-belief (one could simply call this foolishness) in their pursuits (ie helenas self belief drives her to be unrelenting when persisting with demetrius, creating inversion of helenas wooing between the two, thus disorder)


* Bottoms own disguise of self importance and (eek) arrogance. leads to disorder within speech, when his attempts to use fine language are marred by his incorrect pronunciations, so forth. equally, he attempts to use such language when describing such menial matters (talking of lion - sucking dove, wonderful imagery to language, allows audience to both be captivated and to find...
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