Hospitality and tourism

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Hospitality Provision in Travel & Tourism

1.1 Discussing Interrelationship between hospitality and the travel and tourism business of Radisson Hotels as a tourism executive3 TASK 27
2.1 Analysis of the implications of integration to the hospitality industry from the perspective of a tourism executive7 2.2 How integration has affected Radisson Hotels as a hospitality business organization8 TASK 310

3.1 Development of rationale for Faridabad project of Eros Radisson with justification for the decisions linked to target market10 3.2 Development of a plan for Radisson Hotels including operational requirements of organizational structure with human resource allocation11 Conclusion12


In this current age of providing hospitality and tourism many companies and organizations have tested their luck in this industry. Modern technology and communication has taken this industry to a whole new level where many companies are spreading their influence all over the world, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group is one of the most noticeable among them. Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group is a company solely based on establishing hotels industry. Their biggest and most well-known brand is Radisson Hotels. Radisson hotels has established many hotels in United States since 1909. After the transfer of the ownership to Curt Carlson in year 1962 the company has spread its reach even outside of the United States. In the process of expanding their activities Radisson Hotels has developed a separate brand name for the establishment outside of the US. Radisson Blu is the name of that brand which has been advancing further and further in hospitality and travel & tourism industry. Currently the company holds more than 420 of their establishments which is growing more in every following year in 73 countries of all regions. Among these locations Radisson Blu holds 158 of them and 42 more projects is currently undergoing development process. In previous year Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group had announced the opening of another sector of the company named Radisson Red which is to be opened in year 2015. Radisson Blu is known with different name in various countries such as the company established itself in United Kingdom with brand name of Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotels. It’s a chain of 14 luxurious hotels which are mostly based in Central London (, 2015).

1.1 Discussing Interrelationship between hospitality and the travel and tourism business of Radisson Hotels as a tourism executive Travel and tourism organizations try to appeal to the people of various country by their tourist attractions sites and services. But among all these attractions the most important service a travel and tourism organization must provide is the hospitality for the customers, especially when they are paying a great deal to travel a long way to be there. For that sole purpose hospitality organizations are established across the country and globally. Interrelation between Hospitality and tourism

Hospitality sectors
Before getting into further discussion about the services a hospitality industry can provide within the travel and tourism organization first get a clear picture about the sectors of hospitality on global perspective. As a tourism executive in international company Radisson Hotels, let me give a brief discussion about the hospitality sectors of the company on the global perspective (Konovalova and Jatuliavičienė, 2015). Hotels

After the arrival of the tourists first they want to verify their accommodation arrangement properly. Radisson hotels are currently holding more than 420 locations across the world. These establishments are situated in 73 countries. After the arrival from the tiresome travel of the tourists they want to be taken care of with utmost sincerity. In every country hotels are basically...

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