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Topics: Brand management, Product lining, First-mover advantage Pages: 4 (361 words) Published: August 13, 2010

Holicks a brand was established before 6 decades back in 1960. It is owned by GlaxoSmithKline consumer health care. It’s a malted milk hot drink. It was a substitute of “Milk” as Baby Food It acquired more than 50% market share in India milk beverage market. Initially Horlicks is claimed to promote sleep when consumed at bedtime. In India, It is popularly known as “mother’s Horlicks”.

Some Facts

•All Horlicks sold in India = 6 times length of Great wall of China •Taller, Stronger and Sharper.
•Sixth most-trusted brand in Indi

Brand Evolution

•Initially imported from Britain.
•Growth through innovation
•First mover advantage.
•It came as a solution to Indian market as a health drink. •Customer made brand due to the product

Brand identity of Horlicks will be clearly defined once the following questions are answered:
1. What is the Horlicks particular vision and aim?
2. What makes it different?
3. What need is the brand fulfilling?
4. What is its permanent nature
5. What are its values or values?
6. What is its field of competence? Of
7. Legitimacy?
8. What are the signs which make the brand
9. Recognizable?



Horlicks Brand Extension
• Product line extension without sub-brand
• Extension with sub-brand.
• Extending the brand to related categories

Reasons for successful brand extensio

• Fit between parent brand and brand extension.
• Parent brand conviction and parent’s brand experience. • Retailer experience.

Why Horlicks is so successful
• Excels at delivering the benefits customers truly desired. • Staying relevant.
• Pricing strategy based on “value for money”.
• Proper positioning.
• Consistency.
• Creating entry barriers

Implementation of Brand
• Through product quality
• Price
• By winning trust of consumer
• Recommendation
• Brand activation
• Brand...
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