History Of Branding

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History of Branding

The concept of Branding has been around for hundreds of years and likely much longer. What it means to brand something has broadened quite a bit since the word first came in to use. Despite the changes, each of the older kinds of branding are still in wide use today. The concept of branding has changed and grown over the years. In the beginning…

The modern word Brand is derived from the word “Brandr”, a word from Ancient Norse meaning “to burn”. Cattle, slaves, timber and crockery were burnt or branded with the markings or symbols of the owner using a hot iron rod. The concept of branding was essentially to depict ownership. By the 1300s it was used primarily to describe a torch, essentially a burning piece of wood that is used as a tool. By the 1500s the meaning had changed to refer to a mark burned on cattle to show ownership. Individual ranches would each have their own unique mark so ownership could be determined if their animals were lost, stolen, or mixed in with animals from another ranch. Each brand had to be simple, unique, and easy to identify quickly. In 1820’s…

Saw the rise of the mass production and shipment of trade goods. As products like ale and wine began to see larger batches and wider distribution, producers began burning their mark into crates and cases of goods to distinguish themselves from their competition. Over time, the brand evolved into a symbol of quality rather than ownership. In 1870’s…

Became possible to register a trademark to prevent competitors from creating confusingly similar products. In 1890’s…
Towards the end of the 19th Century we see a massive shift in attitudes to products and purchasing of things. This push was led by a collection of new technology and methods of communication such as the invention of mail order catalogues, the advancement of railroads and the expansion of the postal service. Mail order catalogues, also known as wish books, gave aspiring people the ability to shape their...
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